Property Management

Over 5 years of happy clients!

We began property maintenance for foreclosures and pre-foreclosures over 5 years ago. Transitioned into rental properties when clients needed help in this area. Soon after, our name in this industry was sought after. Our clients and their tenants appreciate our dedicated staff and contractors.


We service for all types of tenant maintenance issues, including (but not limited to):

Plumbing, HVAC, Small Repairs, Roofing, Fencing, Appliance Installation, and Unit Turns.  


We take each order and find a timely solution, while keeping in mind the budget for each expense to help make each property as profitable as possible to our clients. At the same time insuring every job is done correctly. 

Our Service Areas:


Central NC (Raleigh/Durham, Fayetteville, Charlotte, Greensboro/Winston-Salem, and the surrounding areas)


SC (Greenville, Columbia, Myrtle Beach, Charleston, and surrounding areas)

FL (All of Florida-excluding the "pan-handle")